About Us

Indian Bunts Chamber of Commerce is a body of Bunts Entrepreneur's from different Business Segments with an Idea of Addressing common issues, help each other by exchanging ideas, Technology, sharing experiences between themselves and to create a common platform for collective representation, creation of common market place for their products and to strengthen themselves to face the highly challenging & rapidly changing global market and business environment.

In nutshell, a collective, strong dynamic group of businessmen focuses on uniform concentrated action on issues concerned to them.


Create a common platform for Bunts Entrepreneur's over all development of Industry & Commerce by addressing core issues,

a platform for exchange of technology and Ideas & also create a common business place.

  • Collective approach to authorities, decision making bodies & act as change makers.
  • Enrichment of member’s knowledge through expert’s opinion, sharing of knowledge among themselves, Seminars, Discourse etc.
  • Organize Exhibitions, Trade fairs, B2B Contact Sessions, International Conferences.
  • Encourage and support younger and new generation entrepreneur's with Advices, Support Services and financial arrangements.
  • To interact and participate with our community organizations in the community building & welfare activities.
  • Discharge our collective social responsibilities towards our state, home state & nation.
K.C. Shetty

President IBCCI

There wasn’t a single Indian heart which was not filled with pride while watching the launch Chandrayaan 2. Every Indian citizen’s heart swelled with pride as it cleaved the afternoon sky and went beyond the earth's orbit. Only those of you who were born and grew up in a post-independence era will realize the magnificent nature of this achievement. India who was contributing to almost 25% of the world’s GDP during the pre-independence era, is now striving to regain its lost position in the world economy

  • However, the economy is now going through a period of uncertainty with the auto industry seeing the worst fall in the past few years.
  • We have slightly slipped in our GDP ranking. We have slipped from rank 6 to 7 in the list largest economies in the world.
  • The currency fluctuation has been distressing for many importers in contrast to the exporters.
  • The MSME, after the demonetisation, is struggling to come to terms with the new way of business under one tax regime.
  • The cut in the interest rate is a big demand made by the business sector in India, but the real question is From where the money is going to come?
  • The GST collection at Rs 1.02 lakh crores has held firm despite the downturn in the auto sector.
  • Minister Mr Nitin Gadkari promises to launch a marketplace which will help connect the SME / MSME industries. This will be a great initiative to accelerate the growth of small scale businesses. We should wholeheartedly support such visionary initiatives.

It’s time the bunts business also embrace technology and look for a better partnership and grow their business. The US-China trade war offers a great opportunity for Indian business sector to explore the possibilities of scaling the plans of manufacturing in our country.

I am sure you will find the Indian Bunts Chamber of commerce acting as a catalyst for the growth of your business.

All the members may post your respective job requirements, which will help us channelise bunt youth for gainful employment on merit.

I request you to make our organisation a strong and vibrant one by enrolling more members. We look forward to your wholehearted participation.